Anette Stjärnhjärta
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Being stressed?
Do you have pain in your body?

It's possible to dramatically reduce stress, anxiety and pain with Access Bars®

Create your Dream life 

with Energy Coaching and Quantum Physics

Services Offered
  • Energy Restoration & Clearings
  • Restoration & activation of your unique Blueprint for optimal health
  • Correction & release of trauma in your spine and head by lightly touching points on your head
  • Access Energetic Facelift for a smooth and glowing face
  • Energy Coaching
Become stress and pain free NOW! Access Bars® which is a gentle, non-invasive technique that works on releasing both Physical and Mental blocks stored in the Body and help facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life.
Is your home and property haunted or infested with negative energy?
Then you probably need a House Clearing to remove the entity, so you can have your quiet, cozy home back to yourself.

Anette has the gift of telepathically communicating with animals and they show her, what they need to get well so she can help them to heal.

 Body processes classes
Stress release & Burnout prevention classes
Healing & Quantum Physic classes
How to play with the molecules to change energies and physical reality workshops 
Anette Stjärnhjärta 
Phone: +1(540)760-6875

Upcoming Events

How to play with the molecules to change energies and physical reality September 5 th 2023
 About       Wellness       House Clearing       Pets     Events     Contact
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