Anette Stjärnhjärta
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Joy and Freedom to live
Six Separate Courses
There are a number of different paths you can take with all of them leading to the same place. To Access All of YOU
Become stress and pain free NOW! Access Bars® which is a gentle, non-invasive technique that works on releasing both Physical and Mental blocks stored in the Body and help facilitate greater ease in all different areas of life.
Rappahannock Rap is a  storytelling group, come and tell your true story or listen!
Each show has a theme and participants tell true stories in front of a live audience.
If you are interested in telling at any of the events please contact Anette
Claim your Feminine Super Powers
Learn about the Feminine Super powers and how to use them so you can live a vibrant life
Be more Do less
How do you just BE when your life has been all about DOING?
Do you feel lazy and non productive by just being?
​​​​​​​Learn how to create more without going into stress
Masculine and Feminine Energies
Learn how you can integrate the masculine and feminine energy. Get unstuck NOW!
Sister Healing circles
Join a women circle and be empowered the Feminine way!
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